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Data centre for small business

Employing a strategy for technology is essential for businesses of all sizes. Ensuring that this strategy addresses the current and future data and computing requirements makes it possible not only to respond quickly to changing circumstances but also to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities.

Let Comstor help keep your customers agile with our expertise in multiple cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

The Cisco Designed data centre portfolio gives you the powerful technology you need to supercharge businesses of any size, all designed for simplicity, scalability and value.

Cisco's solutions
Cisco has specifically selected solutions for customers, including UCS servers, Nexus 9300 switches and HyperFlex Edge solutions. The selected software solutions allow multiple data centres to be managed from one place.

Make it affordable with 0% financing
Small businesses often struggle with capital, so help them overcome their obstacles by offering Cisco easylease 0% financing and gain additional rebates instantly. Cisco finance also offers OpenPay, opening the door to multiple deals.

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Some of Cisco's most popular data centre products

Nexus 9300

The Nexus 9300 is a flexible yet powerful switching platform for both standard Nexus switching environment and spine-leaf architectures as a leaf node. With the option to operate in Cisco NX-OS or Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) mode, it can be deployed in small business, enterprise, and service provider architectures.

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UCS allows small business to operate with freedom and confidence, with secure access to apps and data anywhere. Cisco UCS is optimised for the data centre. It is simple, secure and can help businesses supercharge the applications they use every day. These servers for small business deliver the computing power, storage and security businesses need for efficiency and flexibility.