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Meraki Go

Easy networks for small businesses

Cisco's Meraki Go is a low-touch addition to our current Meraki portfolio. It is a complete line of powerful networking products managed through an intuitive mobile app, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the growing number of small businesses.

We position Meraki Go as a ‘buy it, tweak it, control it’ product line, so it’s ideal for small businesses that want to manage their solutions simply and easily via an app. It is especially suited to businesses that don’t have an IT team to implement or adapt the solution to their needs.


Meraki Go Wi-Fi

Simplified Wi-Fi that can be securely segmented for business and guest use, providing visibility and insights into users, devices and applications. Indoor and outdoor versions available.

Indoor     Outdoor


Meraki Go Security Gateway

Powerful router and firewall that keep devices on the network private and secure, while providing control over network usage limits and website access. Optional security subscription available.

Security gateway

Meraki Go Switching

Multi-functional switching providing power (PoE) and connectivity to plugged-in devices, alongside built-in troubleshooting tools and remote port security.


Unboxing Meraki Go


What's in the box?

Our technical specialists Nico and Thomas unbox Meraki Go so you can see exactly what’s included. The video includes some simple steps on how to set up the hardware.

Key features

  • Managed by an app
  • Full stack product
  • Sleek design
  • Simple to use
  • Plug-and-play