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Why you should care about secure collaboration

As companies invest in technology to enable better collaboration amongst teams working remotely, the vulnerabilities of individuals and devices cannot be underestimated. The digitally connected workplace is under constant attack and its data is often a target for cyber criminals.

Cisco Webex, Umbrella, CMD and Duo are a must-have to ensure seamless and most importantly secure collaboration, no matter where your customers are. 

The Secure Remote Work Offer

Bring secure collaboration to all your customers at an unbeatable price. The offer includes:

  • Webex – the most secure collaboration platform with true end-to-end encryption
  • Duo – user and device protection at every log-in attempt, providing trusted access to any application
  • Umbrella – the first layer of defence against cyber threats
  • Cloud Mailbox Defense (CMD) – augmented Microsoft 365 security and complete visibility on inbound, outbound and internal user-to-user messages
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Why choose Cisco Collaboration?

With one third of the working day in meetings, collaboration needs to be easy and intuitive. Using a single Cisco solution, teams can access meetings from any device, maximising productivity before, during and after meetings. That’s why 95% of Fortune-500 companies use video-enabled Cisco collaboration solutions.

Why choose CCI?

Nobody knows Cisco like Comstor. We will help grow your Cisco Collaboration business with unrivalled sales, technical, product, services, and demand generation support.

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