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Why choose Cisco Security?

Security from Cisco brings many benefits. Its market leadership, outstanding threat protection and prevention, end-to-end portfolio and innovation make it a 'go-to' vendor.

Cisco’s Talos team of 250 threat researchers analyse 100TB of threat analysis daily to protect against attacks and malware. The Talos team can detect and respond to threats within hours, so end-customers can rest assured they’re in good hands.

Why choose CSI?

Choose Comstor as your Cisco Security partner. We know how to grow your Cisco Security business with unrivalled sales, services and demand-generation support.


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Innovate your managed services

To learn how Cisco's Managed Service License Agreement (MSLA) helps deliver the business outcomes your customers want, download our MSLA guide or MSLA for AMP for Endpoints guide today.

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Seeing is believing

Customers are much more likely to purchase Cisco Security when they can see it for themselves. Show how CSI and Cisco Security can remove network threats with our range of demos.

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