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Enterprise Agreements: say goodbye to complexity, hello to more Cisco business

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Russell Blackburn

VP Product Management & Marketing, Comstor

Enterprise Agreements (EAs) are designed to ease and simplify the process of managing and ordering software licences and subscriptions. They offer the best value for money and financial predictability. But they can be complex for partners to sell, especially if they do not have all the appropriate certifications. But with Simplify EA from Comstor, it has become a whole lot easier.

Common in the software industry, EAs are designed to make it easier for organisations to buy and manage their licences and subscriptions. They give customers a single and/or multi-year contract for all their software and offer the best value for money.

They make sense for the customer because they get one contract, with one end date. They can scale easily as business needs change while maintaining network security and business continuity.

In addition, they also make sense for you, the Partner, as you can manage all their software more easily, deepen the customer relationship, and generate bigger deal sizes by cross- and upselling.

How we manage complexity

With the pace of digital transformation, managing multiple licences and software across an entire enterprise it is now easier than ever. That is why EAs make sense for the enterprise. All licences consolidated into one, the ability to scale without charges when needed, and the best value built in.

They make sense for the customer – but can be complex for the partner. Traditionally, partners had to be certified in every Cisco architecture included in the EA. Not anymore.

With Simplify EA, Comstor provides the cross-architecture certifications for the Partner. So, with a cross-portfolio agreement, the Partner and end user customers can purchase solutions across all of Cisco’s architectures – even if the Partner is not certified to sell all of them.

We also make them easy to consume, with no retrospective billing, the Partner and end user customer can access new solutions, scale easily, and deploy as and when they are needed.

And we make them easy to manage – so our Partners and their end user customers know where they stand, with each contract consolidated into one and co-termination across software and services.

No certification? No problem

As a Cisco partner, you may have certifications in one or two architectures. You might be qualified to sell Collaboration EAs but may not be able to sell Security EAs.

Simplify EA enables you to sell Cisco EAs without these other certifications. Use our expertise, knowledge, and certifications to meet Cisco’s accreditation requirements and say “yes” to more Cisco sales. You will never need to turn down a Cisco opportunity again.

How Simplify EA works

We have qualified and Cisco-trained experts in the channel. What this means for you is that our team of pre-sales experts, solution designers, engineers, BDMs, and account managers are 100% focused on growing your Cisco business and driving partner success.

This deep understanding of the Cisco ecosystem also means we understand that selling EAs can still be difficult. Earning Cisco certifications can be expensive in terms of time, capital, and resources, devoting hours to training and certification testing.

We have built Simplify EA for you to streamline the sales process and drive sustainable Partner Success. There is no additional cost with Comstor. It really is that simple. The goal is to put you in a position where you never have to say ‘no’ to any opportunity.