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Networking for small business

Whether it’s a router, switch or wireless access point, your customers’ networks are the foundation that keeps their business running. With the right network hardware in place, they can get the performance, reliability and security they need – all with the ability to scale easily as their business grows.

Cisco has more than 20 years’ experience in networking along with the ability to offer end-to-end solutions. We can tailor these solutions to meet your customers’ unique needs, and we’re here to support you at every step of the sales cycle.

Cisco solutions
Whatever your business needs, Cisco has standard and advanced small business network solutions to keep you connected.

Make it affordable with 0% financing
Small businesses often struggle with capital, so help them overcome their obstacles by offering Cisco easylease 0% financing and gain additional rebates instantly.

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Some of Cisco's most popular networking products

Cisco Business switches

Providing solid building blocks for any small business network. With an all-new, on-device user interface, elegant industrial design and step-by-step user guide, these switches are set to impress and provide the most intuitive user experience for small business customers.

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CBS 110CBS 250     CBS 350     SG 550X

Cisco Business dashboard

A network management tool for Cisco Business switches, routers, and wireless access points, it simplifies the job of managing a business network, by automating the deployment, monitoring and lifecycle management of the network. Includes 25 device licenses as standard, but additional licences can be purchased.

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Routers offer integrated services, from network, security and application services to WAN, wired and wireless capabilities on a single platform. Features include advanced firewall capabilities, intrusion prevention and optimisation options for voice and video. 


Switches include wired and wireless, cloud-based or out-of-the-box solutions at the right price point. Whether managed or unmanaged, each switch delivers reliable networking performance with easy set up – no complex configuration needed. 

Wireless access points

Incredible small business network speed meets simple, cloud-based management and advanced security. No matter how many users, devices or locations you need to connect. Wireless access points come in a range of capabilities designed to fit the type and size of your network.

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Meraki Go

A complete line of powerful networking products managed through an intuitive mobile app, specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

As a ‘buy it, tweak it, control it’ product line, it’s ideal for those who want to manage their solutions simply and easily, and for those who don’t have an IT team to implement or adapt the solution to their needs.

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Small businesses often cite a lack of funding or resources as their main IT concern. The Meraki cloud portfolio puts those concerns at ease, with management from a single intuitive dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere and can deploy updates in seconds.

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