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Become a Registered Partner

with Palo Alto Networks and Westcon

How does it work?

As a distributor with an ELITE Authorised Support Centre (ASC), Westcon will be your single touch point throughout your entire Palo Alto Networks journey. We will support you every step of the way. Our onboarding process is simple, streamlined and guaranteed to have you ready to sell as soon as possible. 

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Westcon, as the authorised support centre, will then approve

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Why become a Registered Partner?

Westcon and Palo Alto Networks are committed to providing customers with the right partner, right skills and right security approach.

Key benefits

  • Resell Palo Alto Networks products at a discount
  • Our BDMs will help you achieve your business objectives
  • Deal registration protection
  • Specialisations including incentives and rebates
  • Access all our services including training, support and professional services
  • Free online sales and technical training
  • Deal referral
  • Managed Services Programme
  • Not-for-resale discount
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What is the Registered Partner designation?

It is the new channel partner entry point for Palo Alto Networks. Employing a streamlined set of requirements, Registered Partners can resell, at a discount, our innovative portfolio of security products.

Why is Palo Alto Networks introducing a Registered Partner designation?

To meet the demands of its rapidly growing customer base. Westcon and Palo Alto Networks must scale its partner ecosystem with the right partners to provide more coverage, more capabilities and more commitment to an integrated platform approach to cybersecurity. The new Registered Partner designation is designed to do just that.

Does a Registered Partner qualify for specialisation incentives?

Yes, the specialisation incentives and rebates are in recognition of the partner’s development of a product specific expertise. Registered Partners can earn a specialisation, and if they do, they are eligible for both the incentives and rebates.

Can a Registered Partner just deal referral or do they have to resell?

Registered Partners are eligible for the Palo Alto Networks deal referral and do not have to resell. In fact, the Registered Partner designation was built to give some ecosystem partners not interested in reselling a way to engage with Palo Alto Networks.

Does a Registered Partner have access to Westcon’s free sales and technical training?

Yes, we want Registered Partners to invest in becoming a NextWave Innovator and need access to all training material to do so.

Does a Registered Partner have access to the NextWave Partner Portal?

Yes, they have access to key areas such as sales and technical training. What they do not have access to is our PRM system and our competitive intelligence page.

Can a Registered Partner purchase NFR?

Yes, Palo Alto Networks wants Registered Partners to be able to successfully sell our technology and there are a number of key sales tools/tactics that require NFR.

How long does a Registered Partner maintain their Registered Partner status?

Currently there is no time limit on the Registered Partner designation.