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Comstor 1,2,3...MSP

Our Managed Services Programme – grow your business and reap the benefits in three simple steps

Cisco's Provider Program for MSP partners gives you the opportunity to grow your managed services revenue. With the Comstor 1,2,3 MSP programme, we enrich this programme showing our partners how our best tools and support fits into their strategic go to market, packaging this into three simple steps.

Our programme has been designed to be flexible. You can pick and choose which sessions you'd like to attend in order to achieve your Cisco Select Provider accreditation. This is also an ongoing programme so there isn't a set time frame you have to complete it.

Three steps to success


Ease of transactions

Access to:

  • all Cisco annuity subscriptions, consumption charges, auto-renewals and true monthly credit
  • Easylease options for Meraki monthly billing
  • Up to 50% standard discount
  • MDF and VIP eligibility


Bespoke training on:

  • products for Cisco Provider partners
  • successful selling
  • building an annuity business
  • GTM planning

Access to:

  • learning curriculum
  • Meraki MSP hub and community

Net-new leads

Access to:

  • dedicated Partner Marketing team, providing new leads
  • MSP features
  • Marketing MSP tools

Better position Cisco to your customers and build into strategic and structured marketing campaigns.

Partner training programme sessions




Introduction to Cisco Provider Program

An initial overview of the Cisco Provider program, with the benefits to you including discounts and funding. Understand the Cisco portfolio for MSPs, the approach required to succeed and a breakdown of the sessions available within the Comstor 1,2,3 MSP programme.


Cisco Meraki products for Cisco Providers

You’ll learn more about configurations and key features of the MR, MS and MX product series. We'll also run through integrating other Cisco products into your Meraki offering, including DNA-Spaces, ISE and Umbrella.


Cisco Security products for MSP

You’ll learn about the key security products for MSP – Umbrella, AMP4E and Stealthwatch Cloud.


Marketing yourself as an MSP

We’ll help you with your go-to-market strategy, cover the tools and funding available to you and share assets.


How to use your MDF

Your Comstor MSP lead will be showing you how to find the MDF you have accrued, recommendations on marketing activity and a step by step guide of how to spend.


Cisco Provider Select and Premier

Together with Cisco, we will look at the benefits and recruitment of Cisco Provider Select and Premier with details on how to achieve levels and continue with your progression as a Cisco Provider partner, growing your MSP business with Comstor 1,2,3 MSP programme.