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From Next-Gen to What's Next

How Network Intelligence and SD-WAN are reshaping the future


ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is a cloud-native SD-WAN platform that unifies network and security operations through easy-to-use management and is seamlessly integrated with ExtremeCloud IQ. Cloud-native SDWAN means workloads are automatically secure, high-performance, and reliable for anyone, anywhere on the planet.

IT departments can focus on innovation and digital experiences instead of just maintenance release cycles and launches. Users are more productive and IT departments are less burdened.


The usual WAN architecture, where applications were in the data centre and accessed by staff in branch offices at a predictable pace, was not designed for today's cloud-native environments. It is also very costly to maintain and difficult to scale, mainly because of the reliance on MPLS lines. Enterprises are increasingly deploying latency-sensitive cloud applications that require high performance, resilience, and scalability.

In addition, brick-and-mortar businesses have responded to the disruption caused by new entrants from the cloud by developing digital customer experiences in-store as well. Slow service and downtime are no longer just stressful for employees, but also damage the relationship with the customer and the brand image.

Customers receive a simple, detailed SD-WAN licence package and can build their SD-WAN solution in their own way and at their own pace, according to the needs of their business. 

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Why choose Extreme Networks?

High Availability (HA)

Site resilience solution with Active-Standby SD-WAN Edge Platform failover. The HA package includes the service licence + standby hardware.

Remote Visibility + Control (VandC)

Perform single-ended AppPerf measurements for network targets outside the end-to-end SD WAN overlay.

Improved Reporting

Additional storage and functionality for the SD-WAN Orchestrator reporting module, increases data retention from 1 to 13 months.

Security (EdgeSentry, powered by Check Point)

Securing SD-WAN-enabled sites with an always up-to-date cloud-based Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Sandbox solutions.

On-site Next Business Day (NBD) Support

Get an on-site technician (NBD) to replace faulty hardware.

Branch and Data Centre WAN Optimisation

Enable WAN Optimisation Compression functionality for low capacity branch SD-WAN sites; Data Centre WAN Optimisation: Enable WAN Optimisation Compression functionality for high capacity Data Centre SD-WAN sites.

Features of SD-WAN

Automated connectivity

Build your SD-WAN from the ground up, fast, no risk and with low total cost of ownership (TCO). Benefit from flexible deployment modes and zero-touch provisioning with transparent/hybrid deployment topology.

Business continuity and resilience

Ensure site resilience through support for multiple WAN networks and highly available SD-WAN appliances. Enforce application performance in site-to-site and site-to-cloud traffic scenarios, automatically discovering applications and applying performance-based dynamic WAN selection. 

Always up-to-date security

Secure your SD-WAN sites quickly while optimising TCO. Leverage a range of always up-to-date advanced networking technologies, including FWaaS and SWG, delivered as a cloud service.



The accelerated digital transformation has altered how data flows around an organisation. Many companies have turned to software-defined WAN to boost performance, resilience, and scalability. As you digitize your business operations and customer-facing services, the application performance improvements, automated connectivity and security that SD-WAN offers are essential. Discover the top five benefits of SD-WAN.

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