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Our Responsible Business practices: A deep dive

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About Responsible Business

Responsible Business is about being a force for good. Through wise and well-informed choices, strong values, and smart innovations, we can contribute to a brighter future for those around us.

Being a Responsible Business matters for several reasons. Firstly, our partners need us to have Responsible Business practices to align to their own targets and standards. By building that trust, we can improve our own profitability and overall success.

But most importantly, being a Responsible Business is the right thing to do. It helps us drive the many key priorities that we have across the business – such as diversity and inclusion or sustainability – to create a better world.

We approach our Responsible Business practices through three key pillars: people, planet, and communities. As a data-driven organisation, we use our insights to guide us in taking actions for tangible results. This ensures that we treat Responsible Business as more than a concept – it’s a compass that guides us to keep making positive change.


Our people are our most important asset. As ambassadors of our values and ambitions, they bring our responsible principles to life, fostering an environment of care, ethical decision-making, sustainability, and community engagement.

We empower them by ensuring they feel welcomed and can thrive. We also give them the tools they need to reach their aspirations, as well as the resources to look after their wellbeing.


Employee health, wellbeing, and development

Our people are the driving force behind our commercial and responsible ambitions. That’s why we’re committed to supporting their wellbeing and development.

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The longevity of our business relies on the planet’s sustainable future. As climate change becomes more urgent, we’re working tirelessly to find innovative solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.

Through our data-driven capabilities, we’ve set ourselves ambitious climate change targets to help us drive progress and enforce accountability. We’re also leveraging our position at the heart of the IT channel ecosystem to lead those around us into more sustainable practices.


How we’re championing environmental sustainability

Discover how we’re championing environmental sustainability through ambitious targets to tackle climate change.

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Our very purpose as a distributor is to ensure the success of our communities. After all, we are only successful if our vendors and partners are too.

We drive community growth by connecting our partner ecosystem, promoting social wellbeing through philanthropy, and creating employment opportunities.


Empowering communities through partnership and engagement

Find out how Westcon-Comstor opens doors to technology and beyond through business and social community engagement.

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In the spirit of transparency, we’re committed to publishing Responsible Business Reports for each fiscal year. In these reports, you can discover our activities and highlights for that time period.

Discover the progress we made in FY23 in our latest Responsible Business Report.