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Empowering communities through partnership and engagement

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Our communities are essential to achieving lasting social and economic sustainability, and their wellbeing creates a positive environment for our business and world to flourish.

Our very purpose as a distributor is to ensure the success of our communities – because we can only be successful if our vendors and partners are too.

We take a two-pronged approach to our community engagement: social and business.

Socially, we’re passionate about uplifting, supporting, and giving back through corporate volunteering. This includes creating opportunities for the disadvantaged, inspiring the next generation, and helping those experiencing hardship.

Business-wise, we mobilise our partner ecosystem to drive collaboration and mutual success. This means growing and connecting our business communities to share innovation, build relationships, and upskill through engaging events and get-togethers.

Community-driven at the core

Our distribution philosophy is rooted in community-driven values and genuine care for those around us.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to finding better ways to solve problems and to support our partners. We combine decades of industry insight, technical expertise, and distribution experience to be the catalyst for our vendors’ and partners’ business success.

When it comes to our social communities, our recent focus has been on diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a result, we've formed new partnerships and expanded existing ones to provide more opportunities for underrepresented groups in IT.

Creating opportunities and inspiring the next generation

Through worldwide partnerships and initiatives, we’re helping people reach their full potential and seize career opportunities around the globe. We also offer bursaries and learnerships to create pathways for the young and disadvantaged.

Supporting communities in need

By giving back and supporting charitable initiatives, we’ve been able to foster lasting change. Our community engagement and initiatives not only raise essential funds for important causes but also encourage collaboration among our employees. This brings them closer to their communities and embodies the spirit of Responsible Business in action.

Transforming channels and fostering communities in our partner ecosystem

We mobilise our partner ecosystem to drive collaboration and mutual success through enjoyable activities and events.

Examples of this include:

  • Our TechXpert community of cybersecurity professionals who opt in to receive exclusive training, insights, events, networking opportunities, and rewards
  • Our Comstor Managed Services Provider Drop-in Sessions, which bring partners together to discuss key managed services topics and Cisco’s Managed Services programme
  • Our Responsible Business Unwrapped video series, where we explore pressing Responsible Business topics with our partners

Looking ahead

As part of our commitment to fostering new opportunities, we’re continuing to seek out new partnerships to open doors in our local and social communities. This includes the continued engagement of organisations and local schools, colleges, and so on.

We will also be extending our business community initiatives with a vision to engage new members and grow our programmes.

Discover more about how we support our communities in our latest Responsible Business Report.

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