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Choose Cisco Services for Recurring Revenue and Stronger Customer Relationships.

Comstor offers a comprehensive range of technical and business services that enable our partners to generate recurring, predictable revenue streams with attractive margins and flexible payment plans. By committing to a multi-year agreement, you can increase customer loyalty, earn greater discounts, and keep your competitors at bay. Watch our video to learn how we can help you achieve these goals.


Why Recurring Offers at Comstor?

Our team helps you build recurring revenue streams with predictable cash flow and lower cost of sales. Achieve the best possible rebates and deliver high-quality solutions that exceed customer expectations. Partner with us to achieve your business goals. 

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Why choose Cisco Services?

Comstor’s range of technical and business services provides the platform for recurring, predictable revenue streams, with great margins and easy payment plans.

Increase customer loyalty with a longer commitment multi-year agreement, while you get more discount and keep your competitors out.

Build stronger, longer-term customer relationships with Cisco contracts. Watch the video to see how we can help you.

Why choose CSSI?

Comstor creates the platform for recurring revenue streams, predictable cash-flow, lower cost of sales and customer loyalty. Helping partners achieve the best possible rebates while ensuring high levels of end-customer satisfaction.

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Optimise your profitability with Comstor


Customer experience

With Comstor and Cisco Success Tracks, benefit from expertise and insights every step of the way, to help reduce time to value from your customers' Cisco technology investments.

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Icebreaker reveals real opportunities to upsell and cross-sell Cisco solutions while protecting customers from network outages.

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Lifecycle Advantage (LCA)

There are recurring revenues at each stage of the lifecycle. Let us show you why this tool is a must for your business.

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Smart Accounts

Manage your licenses and license usage effectively through the Smart Account dashboard. 

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Add value with Cisco Capital

Include a multi-year agreement to your solutions to secure stronger customer relationships and provide better discounts and profits.

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Renewals drive recurring revenue

We are 100% focused on your digital lifecycle journey, here to help you enhance your cash flow and increase your margins.

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At Comstor, we apply Cisco Collaboration solutions to improve business processes, speed decision-making and boost productivity.

Data centre

Rated #1 Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader, Cisco’s best-in-class products and services help connect and secure end-customer’s networks. 


Comstor’s dedicated programme helps grow Cisco Networking business with support across sales, technology, services and demand generation.


Cisco’s cross-network security detects and responds to threats within hours, protecting network users wherever they work.

Small business

Using Cisco's solutions specifically designed for small businesses, we'll work with you to capture a share of this expanding market. 

Marketing services

In close collaboration with Cisco marketeers, Comstor offer marketing training, consultation and support to help maximise your marketing funds.