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Cisco Webex – Your solution to Hybrid Work


Help your customers increase their agility with Hybrid Work experiences through Cisco’s innovations, portfolio breadth and depth. From your home, to the office and anywhere between.

Let’s collaborate easier, faster and smoother with Webex.

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Why choose CCI?

Grow faster

We'll help you generate demand and understand opportunities in your markets to gain competitive advantage.

Boost profits

Cisco's software and services can help you generate higher margins and recurring revenues.

Professional services

Our highly trained experts can assist you with pre-sales, installation and post-sales.

Marketing support

Targeted content to drive lead generation and build brand loyalty.

Cisco Designed for Small and Medium Business

A dedicated team to guide you as you address the needs of your Small and Medium Business customers. 


Our 24/7 multi-lingual support provides expert help with pre-sales enquiries, troubleshooting, configuration and change management.

Global deployment

Helping you deliver across multiple countries and support on logistics, technology and tax duties.


We can help you extend your logistic capabilities with end-customers involving multiple countries.

Collaboration solutions


Webex Suite

Fully integrated solutions to promote productivity and inclusivity.

  • Calling
  • Meetings
  • Messaging
  • Polling
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Whiteboarding
  • Asynchronous Video
  • Westcon-Comstor professional
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Webex endpoints

Easy-to-integrate and manage from the Control Hub, Webex endpoints deliver an enhanced collaboration experience.

  • Working from home
  • Desk endpoints
  • Huddle spaces
  • Boardroom
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Flex 3.0

A simpler offering from Cisco for both you and your customers, with key benefits including:

  • Office experience management
  • Purchase incentive
  • Quote-to-bill experience
  • Subscription management
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Why you should care about secure collaboration

As companies invest in technology to enable better collaboration amongst teams working remotely, the vulnerabilities of individuals and devices cannot be underestimated. The digitally connected workplace is under constant attack and its data is often a target for cyber criminals.

Cisco Webex, Umbrella, CMD and Duo are a must-have to ensure seamless and most importantly secure collaboration, no matter where your customers are. 

The Secure Remote Work Offer

Bring secure collaboration to all your customers at an unbeatable price. The offer includes:

  • Webex – the most secure collaboration platform with true end-to-end encryption
  • Duo – user and device protection at every log-in attempt, providing trusted access to any application
  • Umbrella – the first layer of defence against cyber threats
  • Cloud Mailbox Defense (CMD) – augmented Microsoft 365 security and complete visibility on inbound, outbound and internal user-to-user messages
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Why choose Cisco Webex?

With so many collaboration tools available today, why should you choose Cisco Webex for your customers?

Not just a meeting platform

  • Fully integrated solutions
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Complete portfolio of software and hardware solutions
  • Easy to install and manage portfolio via a single platform – the Control Hub
  • Can be fully integrated with solutions such as Microsoft Teams, SalesForce, Slack and Box
  • Add or remove licences as required

Need more?

If you need more help to position Cisco Webex to your customers, contact us for more information.

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Cisco Webex – integration and interoperability

Your customers might already be using some collaboration tools from different vendors, which might prove challenging especially for the IT department, where platforms and devices need to be kept up to date while providing data protection and privacy.

Cisco Webex has been designed to be seamlessly integrated with the majority of meetings and messaging vendors, to provide your customers with a more productive workflow. 

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Cisco Webex promotions and useful resources


Webex Devices Cloud promotion

Cisco Webex collaboration devices at highly competitive prices.

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Flex 3.0

Multi-year incentive for 36+ month subscriptions.

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Expand your competitive advantage and value exchange with NFR programme options.

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Better together

Benefit from a discount on your headsets when purchased together with Webex end points or a Flex Plan subscription.

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Discover more

Data centre

Rated #1 Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader, Cisco’s best-in-class products and services help connect and secure end-customer’s networks. 


Comstor’s dedicated programme helps grow Cisco Networking business with support across sales, technology, services and demand generation.


Cisco’s cross-network security detects and responds to threats within hours, protecting network users wherever they work.

Software and Services

Not only higher value and recurring revenue, Comstor also pave the way for partners to deepen relationships with end-customers. 

Small and Medium Business

Using Cisco's solutions specifically designed for small businesses, we'll work with you to capture a share of this expanding market. 

Marketing Services

In close collaboration with Cisco marketeers, Comstor offer marketing training, consultation and support to help maximise your marketing funds.