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Check Point

The world's leading provider of Gen V cybersecurity solutions

Check Point

The world's leading provider of Gen V cybersecurity solutions

As a global leader in cyber security for government and business, Check Point protects customers from cyberattacks with an industry-leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other types of attacks. It offers a multi-level security architecture that defends cloud, network and mobile device-held information with a comprehensive and intuitive one-point-of-control security management system.

Partnership in practice

  • Superior support: as a Certified Support Provider (CCSP), we are trusted by Check Point to provide front-line technical support directly to partners and their end-users
  • Professional services: we help develop Check Point solutions and opportunities with richer margins and longer-term customer engagements
  • Dedicated pre-sales: our dedicated Check Point pre-sales engineers ensure partners design the best solution for every customer
  • Global partnership: our global agreement with Check Point ensures consistent pricing, SLAs and availability around the world

Preventing cyber attacks with Check Point Infinity

Check Point security for SMB

You can now access the same protection used by large enterprises and Fortune 100 companies in a cost-effective way, enabling you to offer big security for your small business clients with the best return on investment.

SMB bundles
The SMB bundles offer out-of-the-box security with auto-generated policies and Check Point best practices. This enables you to block default undesired applications, security risk categories, file sharing applications, inappropriate content, as well as limiting bandwidth consuming applications. These appliances use the same threat intelligence as the Check Point enterprise appliances and come with a zero-touch, hands-off configuration.

The time is now
Small businesses are being targeted more than ever before, and the risk of hackers gaining access to vital customer data is real. The Check Point SMB bundles are the best and most cost-effective way to protect your customers’ business from the different cyberthreats in existence today, in one integrated solution.

On top of the SMB bundles you can easily create your own solutions. In this way you can design services that best suit your customers’ needs and add extra value.

Lead-generation support
Westcon and Check Point will fully support you in getting your existing customers interested and targeting new ones. And when signing on as a Check Point Partner you will get access to Check Point’s Partner Map, where you can access relevant lead-generation tools and sales-enablement assets.

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