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Cisco Collaboration Flex 3.0

Building a foundation to support a better ordering experience

Many partners complain that Cisco Flex 2.0 plan is too complex to transact, DSAs take too long to come through and it is not always clear which offer is the most suitable one for their customers. Cisco have taken on this feedback and brought out Flex 3.0 – a much simpler offering for both you and your customers.

What’s changed?

With Cisco Collaboration Flex 3.0 you can offer your customers:

  • additional calling functionality
  • streamlined transition process
  • simplified quoting and ordering process with fewer buying models
  • consistent offer across cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions
  • competitive pricing and better-together bundles

Perpetual licences are also no longer available for renewal or new contracts.

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Key benefits

Offer experience management

  • Prioritised roadmap
  • Ongoing strategic planning and tracking

Purchase incentive

  • Time bounding credit (LTO)
  • Free months

Quote-to-bill experience

  • Guided selling /
    expert view
  • Billing

Subscription management

  • Easy change /
    modify process
  • Simplifying EOS / EOL

Cisco Flex 3.0 Calling and Meetings

  • New named user tiers allows use of same tiers for all deployments
  • Better cash flow through monthly and annual billing options (vs. pre-pay)
  • Additional functionality – SRST, Emergency Responder, Webex Teams*
  • Simple and extendable to Meetings, Contact Centre and Hardware-as-a-Service workloads
  • Flexible migration to the cloud
  • Discounts for multi-year commitment and Meetings attach

* Webex Teams is not included for Flex Access, but can be used as the single device in Flex Enhanced.

If your customer has a Named User value tiers subscription, download the list of end points to see what is supported on this plan.

Supported end-points

Flex 3.0 target audience and offering

Flex 3.0 target customers

 SWSS renewals

 New installations



Take advantage of commercial and public sector SKUs

Existing customers with existing on-premises Flex subscriptions can migrate to the new plan and take advantage of commercial and public sector SKUs.

Sector Plan Customer type Solutions Offer specifics
Commercial A-Work
(coming soon)
  • New customer
  • SMB
  • Webex Cloud
  • Utility consumption model
  • Bundle of Webex, Meetings, Calling and Messaging
Commercial A-Flex-3
  • All commercial types and sizes
  • Existing or new
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-premises
  • Available as EA and NU
Public sector A-Flex-3-GovEd
  • Government
  • NGO
  • Education
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-premises
  • Available as EA and NU
Public sector A-Flex-3-FedRAMP
  • US Federal
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-premises
  • Certifications required
  • Available as EA and NU

Stand-alone solutions also available.

Already migrated
to Flex 2.0

3,900 customers
9m licences


SWSS licences
to migrate

32m SWSS licences
via 28k customers


SWSS renewals
to Flex (FY21)

65% of licences
83% of customers


Increased contract duration

Flex – 43 months
SWSS – 24 months

SWSS to Flex 3.0 migration strategies


On-premises move to cloud

  • Work with SWSS Calling customers at time of renewal to move not just premise to subscription under A‑FLEX‑3 but propose value of going to cloud
  • Can apply SWSS Residual from perpetual to Flex Cloud

On-premises user license adds

  • SWSS Calling customers needing to add additional user licences
  • If not ready to move all user licences from SWSS, they can buy a separate A‑FLEX‑3 subscription

Meetings-only subscription

  • SWSS Calling customer ready to move Calling to subscription but has existing Meetings-only subscription
  • Change to A‑FLEX‑3 and extend term to 36 months to be eligible for multi-year incentive

Customers can receive up to 18 months’ Time Bound SWSS residual credit from their active perpetual licensing support towards Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan (Terms and conditions apply).