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Partner Insights

More than just a reporting tool

Partner Insights is more than just a reporting tool; it’s your secret weapon. It delivers in-depth insights into your customers' buying behaviour, giving you the upper hand to prioritise effort and allocate resources smartly.

What is Partner Insights?

Partner Insights lets you monitor key performance metrics and embed a data-driven approach to performance analysis.

It’s a platform that sits within the PartnerCentral Marketplace. It’s a comprehensive tool that supports Westcon-Comstor's data-driven approach to drive your success by offering you the best possible partner analytics. By gaining a holistic and consolidated view of transactional data, you’ll be able to track trends by geography, end user, product type and so much more.

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What can you use Partner Insights for?

Elevate partner analytics and digital reporting capabilities with a single, intuitive report combining transactional data from hardware, software and services sales. 

Enhance your ability to self-serve with consistent, customisable reports.

Take a data-driven approach to decision-making for more accurate resource allocation and stronger partner analytics.

Track your digital transformation journey and monitor the change in hardware versus software sales over time.

Spot opportunities for revenue growth by keeping track of revenue-boosting trends.

5 benefits of Partner Insights in PartnerCentral

Get consistent reporting

Forget challenging, time-consuming reports with a holistic approach

Track data trends

Spot trends in transactional data and easily filter by geography, end user, product types, vendors and much more

Inform decision-making

Use data to quickly and easily inform decision-making and use your resources effectively

Spot growth opportunities

Use actionable data to find new opportunities and grow your revenue

Benchmark performance

Compare growth and performance by vendor against industry benchmarks

News and Insights

Westcon-Comstor enhances data offering for partners with launch of insights tool

Partner Insights provides a holistic view of transactional data, allowing partners to track trends and optimise their operations.

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