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Flexible payment solutions

Simple. Smart. Designed for your business.

No matter how complex the technology, we can make the purchase possible. We understand that each deal is different and so we structure the terms and transactions to fit each specific need.

Our funding solutions blend software billing and traditional distribution with flexible payment schemes to overcome budget constraints and accelerate the adoption of latest technology. 

Allow latest technology to grow your business without the restrictions of annual budget limits and cashflow.

We flex where others can’t.

Our solutions

  • Equipment financing
  • Equipment-as-a-Service
  • Pay over time for multi-year software licences and service deals
  • Extended payment terms
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual payments

All contracted and invoiced by Westcon, subject to credit approval.

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Ask yourself


Do you need to extend payment terms to manage cashflow?

Our extended payment terms help you continue to innovate during periods of uncertainty


Are annual budgets restricting innovation?

We allow businesses to use future budgets to get technology today


Do you need to buy Equipment-as-a-Service?

We can combine hardware, software and services into single payment subscriptions

How we can help

Overcome budget constraints
Spread the cost over one to five years, and potentially multiple budgets. Increase deal size to maximise discounts.

Align payment and billing schedules
Convert one-off charges to periodic invoicing, aligning payments out with payments in.

Accelerate adoption of latest technology
Upgrade legacy estates and expand sales with payment over time. Pull forward deals into this financial year.

Combine multi-vendor solutions into one subscription
Consolidate hardware, software and services in one payment scheme and support end-user requirements.

  • Contracted and invoiced by Westcon-Comstor
  • Transact using existing processes and accounts
  • Supports the full Westcon-Comstor portfolio
  • Available in all European countries
  • Engage with your Account Manager to find out more


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Partner success stories

Securing maximum discount


A customer with an upcoming renewal for a security support contract wanted to take up the multi- year purchase and capitalise on the discount supplied by the vendor but did not have the funds available to commit to the upfront cost.

What we did

  • Worked with the customer to find an attractive payment over time solution to enable the customer to make the upfront purchase and secure the additional discount

Aggregating multi-vendor deals


A customer wanted a solution with complementary technologies. Each provider offered individual financing solutions but would not fund the other vendor technologies.

What we did

  • Incorporated all the technologies into a single payment agreement which simplified the process for the customer and reduced the additional admin required

Supporting intangibles only


A customer was renewing a multi-year support contract with their security vendor. Their existing provider declined to finance them because there was no hardware in the deal.

What we did

  • Used our bespoke solution targeted at maintenance and support contracts to immediately get the customer what they needed, dramatically speeding up the transaction

Maximising budget schedules


A customer was investing heavily in a new security product and wanted to take up the multi-year, pre-pay discount offered by the vendor. However, they had a set budget that they could not exceed in the next six months, due to their year-end deadline.

What we did

  • Worked with them to create a repayment profile that enabled the customer to get the technology they needed, within budget

Overcoming cashflow issues


A customer had agreed to finance the purchase of new SD-WAN technology, but owing to the economic conditions, wanted to save their cash and delay the first payment.

What we did

  • Included a three-month payment holiday to minimise the cash flow impact on the customer during the initial period

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