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Understanding UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS)

What is UCaaS?

Also known as cloud telephony, UCaaS provides UC functionality (voice and video communications, instant messaging, content-sharing, etc) without the need to install and manage the underlying platform. Instead of a larger up-front investment followed by low service charges, UCaaS is billed on a cost-per-user basis, per month, with a minimum contract term.

Users are provided a softphone client as well as the option to retain a physical telephone handset, conference phones or a

All services provide a softphone client (or mobile app) as well as the option to retain physical handsets and conference phones.

Our UCaaS vendors

We have partnered with the following brands for their proven experience of deploying high-quality, market-leading solutions. Select a vendor for more information:

Westcon’s 30 year legacy of enabling the unified communications channel means we are confident in the opportunity these brands present to our partners.

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With longstanding recurring revenues and sales cycles as fast as 2 weeks, becoming a UCaaS partner is easier and more rewarding than you may think.


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