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The last switch you'll ever make

Combine scalable network switches and Wi-Fi to enable converged network management to meet future connectivity demands

At a time when future networking demands are set to far exceed those of today, connectivity has never been so important. As aging networks struggle to keep up with demand, businesses need to invest in building a scalable network that can improve network capacity to meet requirements both now and in the future. That is why CommScope has set out the four steps you need to take to build a robust and scalable networking system, in the last switch you'll ever make.


Increase capacity with high-performance infrastructure

Spend less time managing the network and more time on projects that are strategic to the business.


Remove complexity with converged management

Achieve greater visibility across your whole network, troubleshoot faster and reduce costs with a seamless converged management layer.


Protect your costs with futureproof scalable switching

This pay-as-you-grow, modular switching network expands as your business does. 


Reduce total cost of ownership

Delivers the power and performance your applications require at a cost your business demands. 

Partner resources

Achieve productivity through connectivity with Ruckus networks, managed in a unified solution that grows with your business.

Ruckus understands that your business depends on your network, but your network is not your business. 

Find out how to build a scalable networking system capable of realising your connectivity needs by watching Ruckus's video to find out more, and download the infographic and ebook.

Infographic     Ebook

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