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Your customer's needs...

Business continuity is at risk from changing technological and business requirements. Customers are asking how they can:

  • Resolve problems quickly to minimise downtime, and prevent issues
  • Increase network utilisation, extend the life of IT, and extract more value
  • Improve staff knowledge and operational processes, and unburden overextended operation resources
  • Deliver new capabilities quickly and efficiently or make changes to existing services with minimum disruption

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As IT ecosystems become multi-product and multi-vendor, customers face new challenges

Complex technology

69% of IT Leaders think technology has become more complex. Too complex to manage every aspect in house.

Skills training

93% of IT Leaders face a skills gap that is hard to close as technology evolution outpaces capacity for continual training.

How SNTC eases customer difficulties

SNTC offers Cisco product support to help customers get the most out of their Cisco investments, plus smart capabilities that extend the value even further.


Reduced security breach risk


Reduction of outages

SNTC Service Features

Advance HW replacement

Security and product alerts

Access to Cisco TAC

OS SW updates

Lifecycle control

Installbase visibility

SNTC Portal : reduce risk and ensure compliance

The Cisco Smart Net Total Care portal provides security and targeted product alerts, last day of support (LDoS) details, and visibility into network device changes.

Faster problem resolution

Identify issues quickly through proactive alerts, automated diagnostics, up-to-date contract coverage data, and product information

Risk mitigation

Installed-base visibility in the portal helps ensure that your critical Cisco products are covered by the correct service contracts. The portal also makes it easy to proactively plan and budget for technology refresh of the Cisco products that are expected to reach End-of-Life (EoL) or Last Date of Support (LDoS).

Operational efficiency

The automated inventory and contract management highlights changes and provides budget and planning foresight in order to minimise the effort that is required to maintain an up-to-date view of your network.

Cisco Partner Experience Platform (PXP)

Faster innovation

Better intelligence speeds up your response to change and drives selling and co-selling.

Clear path to growth and profitability

You will be able to identify:

  • the most promising renewal and upsell opportunities
  • the customers with the highest growth potential
  • the capabilities your teams need to sell new architectures

Continuous planning

We track performance against targets in real-time, year-round, and correct course as needed.

Connectivity and benchmarking

Connect with partners globally and display your performance compared to your peers.

Why Comstor?

A team dedicated to the renewals

With Comstor, you can engage every customer quickly. We notify you about every opportunity in time so you don’t miss any deal.

33% partner revenue

Renewals represent 33% of partner revenue.

75% increased profits

By retaining 5% of customers.

60% incremental sales

The chance of selling to an existing customer vs a new prospect.

Save BIG on 5 and 3 Year contracts

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