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Why Comstor?

We are 100% focused on Cisco – its technology, its go-to-market strategy and its programmes. That’s one reason why we believe we grow partners' Cisco business faster than any other distributor.

With 25 years exclusive focus, we are Cisco’s largest distributor with the most Cisco-accredited experts in the channel.

Cisco – it’s all that we do.

Why choose Comstor?

For Comstor, it’s all about Cisco. Understanding its channel like no-one else, we give partners unmatched insight into its technology, solutions and programmes. 

Our deep, strategic relationship means we are a true extension of Cisco in the marketplace, working closely with partners to build their Cisco business.

Our passionate teams help partners grow by realising new, recurring revenue Cisco opportunities – security, software and services, as well as building on Cisco’s core – collaboration, data centre and networking.



When it comes to partner onboarding and engagement, we apply a Cisco-specific approach to EDGE, our proven and established methodology for building partner business.

Recurring revenues

We help partners grow recurring revenues with Cisco software and services. And, we help partners navigate the transition with tools to procure, manage and invoice transactional business.


As well as Cisco SmartNet warranty and back-up services, Comstor’s own professional, finance, training and enablement services boost partner in-house resources.


Meraki’s simple and fast-growing approach to cloud-based wireless networking is a winner with end-customers. Our dedicated team is trained and ready to help partners take advantage.

Networking ↔ Security

As networking and security become increasingly integrated, we help simplify their implementation. And, we have the largest team of Cisco-accredited experts in the channel to help.

Comstor initiatives

Comstor subject matter experts are aligned to Cisco's solutions. With a regional and local presence, our teams provide partners with the expertise to accelerate their Cisco business. Click on the icons below to find out how we help partners take advantage.



Find out more about what Cisco does and how we consult, integrate, build and help deploy its solutions.


Complementary vendors

View our portfolio of vendors that offer solutions to enhance and enrich Cisco deployments.

Comstor Vendors

Comstor marketing

In collaboration with Cisco marketeers, we offer training and consultation to maximise your marketing funds.


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