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Become a Managed Service Provider

IT security as a managed service is in demand like never before. The shortage of skilled workers and the increasing complexity of IT means there are great opportunities for partners that offer IT security managed services – and it means you can support your customers even better.

With our exclusive MSP onboarding program, we help you on your way to becoming a Trend Micro Managed Service Provider and help you to successfully master the first steps.

Why you should take a closer look at the Trend Micro MSP Program

Traditionally, MSPs develop security solutions by adding different providers and technologies. Over time, this can lead to silos, high complexity and security vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro's networked, MSP-centric ecosystem integrates and simplifies security management across various protection areas (endpoint, email, server and network). At the same time, it offers central transparency at all levels and thus enables faster reactions.

Thanks to advanced APIs, Trend Micro's MSP ecosystem is compatible with your systems and easy to integrate with third-party IT system management tools. The result is a powerful, networked managed security services platform.

Overview of the sessions

In our on-demand MSP workshops, you will get to know the simple and powerful MSP-centric ecosystem of Trend Micro with all its advantages, possibilities and new security solutions in three sessions.


Aimed at: Sales

Get to know the Trend Micro Managed Services Partner Program at a glance. You will get an insight into how the portals work, the assignment of licences, reporting, available pricing models, how solutions can be expanded and much more.


Aimed at: Pre-sales/Sales

Familiarise yourself with solutions such as Worry-Free (Endpoint Protection), Email Security, Detection and Response, and Cloud App Security in detail. Learn how solutions are distributed, policies created and how easy the solutions are for SME customers. 


Aimed at: Technicians

Theory is good, practice is even better – see how the product works. We'll show you how the GUI is structured, how easy it is to adjust settings and what comprehensive next-generation endpoint security options Trend Micro offers.