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Software and services for SMB

SMBs have big needs when it comes to IT. With less resources than larger organisations, simplicity, reliability and accessible pricing are paramount. We can help you grow your small business market share, offering key Cisco services and software needed by the SMB sector.

Cisco's recurring offers
At Comstor we are experts in helping you grow your recurring-offer business with the key Cisco software and services that your customers need.

Sell more services
SMBs often struggle with finance, so why not offer a multi-year contract so their assets are protected for longer and at the best price. 0% financing also offers the option of easy monthly payments.

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Get in touch to find out more about how we can help with Cisco software and services.

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Some of Cisco's most popular software and services products

Smart Net Total Care for hardware support

Fast resolution of issues with 24-hour access to Cisco experts. Hardware replaced in as little as two hours and operating system software updates obtained from the Cisco support website.

Attach to every hardware deal to support your customer's investment to reduce downtime, as the warranty won't be enough to support a growing business IT infrastructure.

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Cisco Software Support

Unlock the full benefits of Cisco software, be it on-premise or in the cloud. Cisco experts available to help your customers rapidly adopt new technologies to achieve their business goals.

Advise your customers to get comprehensive coverage for their software application products and suites, keeping their business running smoothly while reducing technical query escalations to yours.

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