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Extreme Networks

The largest end-to-end wired and wireless enterprise networking company

Extreme Networks

The largest end-to-end wired and wireless enterprise networking company

Extreme Networks is a networking company that designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment. It also develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security and access controls.

Partnership in practice

  • 20 years of experience: no-one knows Extreme’s solutions, promotions and processes better
  • Global expertise: supply-chain capabilities deliver the staging needed for large network roll-outs and upgrades
  • Train to succeed: the only distributor with an Extreme Accredited Training School
  • Superior stock: delivery on Extreme products wherever they’re needed around the world

Why partners choose Extreme Networks

Why move to the cloud?

  • It’s easy – with the powerful automation functions of ExtremeCloud IQ, networking has never been easier, from deployment to support
  • It’s fast – regular platform updates ensure that you always benefit from technical innovations
  • It benefits everyone – share relevant data easily and quickly with customers and partners via open APIs
  • It’s scalable – ExtremeCloud IQ adapts flexibly to your requirements at any time, from a single device to multi-client-capable, multi-tier management
  • It’s safe – the platform offers seamless protection from the customer to the cloud and meets the strictest security and compliance requirements
  • It’s affordable – flexible deployment and licensing models and attractive running costs ensure that the solution pays off from day one

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Why choose Westcon?

Cloud is the fastest growing part of the Extreme Networks portfolio, so let us help you fast track your business to sell and support cloud solutions from Extreme Networks and reap the rewards. We are a great choice for your Extreme Networks cloud business, with the largest stock holding in EMEA, our own Extreme Networks-accredited training school and certified to help you with support services as you build your cloud business.

Our awards

"Extreme Networks has been one of our most important strategic partners in the networking environment for many years – and during this time we have been able to realise a number of ground-breaking lighthouse projects together worldwide. The award proves that this partnership has lost none of its dynamism - and we are very much looking forward to building on these successes in the coming year."

René Klein

Senior Vice President Westcon Europe

International Distributor of the Year 2022

Global Momentum Distributor of the Year 2020 – EMEA

Global Momentum Distributor of the Year 2019 – EMEA

Global Momentum Distributor of the Year 2018 – EMEA

Customer-driven networking for a better guest experience

Whether it’s a single hotel, large chain or conference centre, secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is now an expectation and an integral part of a quality guest experience.

Extreme Networks’ software-driven, secure and smart network infrastructure meets the business and physical needs of today’s mobile-driven venues. Switching, centralised management and contextual network analytics offer the ability to have customised, high-quality guest wireless across any property, regardless of the existing infrastructure.


Small hotel: Sarah

Sarah owns a small hotel, and making sure guests are happy keeps her up at night. She understands that a high-quality mobile experience for guests is important for business.

“Whether travelling for business or pleasure, guests expect a high-quality Wi-Fi experience the moment they walk into the hotel. And if they’re unable to connect, whether it’s to send a business email or FaceTime with the family, it’s frustrating and detracts from their experience.”


Hotel chain: Hassan

Hassan is the CIO for a large hotel chain. Ensuring a high-quality mobile experience for guests and connectivity for day-to-day operations is essential to the success of the business.

“Internet connectivity is no longer an amenity. It has become an integral part of travellers’ daily lives and a basic expectation.”


Exhibition centre: Katarina

Katarina is the Facilities Manager at a large conference and exhibition centre. She needs seamless high-speed connectivity for thousands of exhibitors, concert goers or attendees, a wireless network that can scale up and down easily with inbuilt security and segregation.

“Today’s events offer live communication-over-video streaming and event apps that require flawless wireless connectivity and sufficient bandwidth to handle thousands of connected devices.”

Getting the most from Extreme Networks



Join instructor-led lectures and extensive hands-on laboratory exercises using Extreme Networks’ EXOS operating system.

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How you can earn more with Extreme Networks

Watch our video to find out how you can earn more with Extreme Networks.

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To extend partner capabilities, and help increase their marketplace impact, we have established an extensive portfolio of complementary services.



Hold on to your capital and pay for your Extreme Networks' hardware, software and services with 0% finance through Extreme Capital Solutions.

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