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Innovative technology helps high street retailers grow during the pandemic

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Willen de Haan

Executive Vice President Comstor Europe and Comstor International

Imagine for a minute that your customer runs a family-owned high street coffee shop that’s been in their family for decades. And then COVID hits, and they’re forced to close up every shop they own in a matter of days.

They’re panicking about how they’ll get through this phase and the long-term effects the closure will have on their business. They come to you after realising they’ll need to ramp up shopper experiences to make sure they can make back what they lost during lockdown.

Now imagine if you had the technology that could help them with that – imagine if they could measure how many customers are coming through their doors, how many of them are repeat customers, and how many of them are wearing masks? It would be an admin nightmare for your customer to have to measure this themselves.

The hard truth

And the reality is, most governments are making it the retailer’s responsibility to make sure shoppers are adhering to regulations. Not only does your customer have to worry about getting their business back on track after the lockdown, but now they’re tasked with having to police their customers while they’re in their store. Are they observing an acceptable social distance? Are they wearing a mask? Are there too many people crowded in a particular area in their store?

You have the key to your customer’s growth

You’re the expert they rely on to help them simplify and grow their business. And with Comstor at your side, you can offer them the Comstor Retail Kit, designed to help retailers ensure safe trading without compromising shopper experience. Comstor bring together a suite of solutions that work hand in hand or that can be sold as single components and still present huge steps forward.

The bonus is, these kits are designed to suit all sizes of retailers, from single site stores to multi-site retail outlets and national stores.

Stay connected, stay productive

As part of our Stay Connected, Stay Productive campaign, Comstor has developed these kits to help you support your customers as they take on the responsibility of ensuring safe trading, remote customer service, and flexible working. In addition, they provide advanced analytics, so your customer can plot traffic flow through the store to optimise product placement.

Each Retail Kit contains Cisco’s award-winning solutions from all architectures, so your customers have solutions that are best-in-class for reliability and security. The Retail Kits are designed to address the needs of retailers for secure collaboration and infrastructure in the sector.

When additional costs are a concern

With the retail sector scrambling to make up what was lost during hard lockdowns, investment in new technology must be carefully considered.

With Cisco Capital’s payment options, you can give your customers the option of flexible payment plans through monthly (periodic) billing, without the hefty upfront payment. They won’t have to worry about their cashflow and can focus just on growing their business.

Tech is the trick

Business innovation is a key growth enabler in the retail sector. Small retailers can now afford enterprise-grade technology solutions to help them grow their businesses. Mid- to large-scale retailers can further enhance their shopper experiences, while maintaining safety and security, with infrastructure that’s reliable and scalable together with future proofing customer analytics.

So, the future is bright for your retail customer. They can sleep easy knowing they have the support to get them through tough times – and access to the technology they need to innovate and stay ahead of their competitors.

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