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Payment options

Helping you manage cashflow concerns

We will help you with the most competitive and flexible payment options to offer your customers using Cisco solutions.

Flexible payment options for all your customer needs

Your success is our priority. Cisco Capital’s flexible and innovative payment solutions make it easier for you to close more deals, grow your business and deliver Cisco solutions faster.

These adaptable and attractive payment options offer you and your customers new ways to consume and deliver digital transformation and acquire new technologies faster.

Take advantage of the options available to you today. Let Comstor show you how.

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Cisco Capital payment options portfolio


Cisco Enterprise Agreement Pay

Deal Size: Minimum $100,000 total contract

Customers can spread their payments over time at no extra cost, with the flexibility to add licenses as their needs change.

  • Lock in costs: Customers can plan ahead with confidence, knowing their rates and payments will stay the same.
  • Preserve cash: With costs predictably spread over time, customers can avoid large cash outlays and retain capital to invest in their business.
  • Align budget: Balance project costs with future benefits, and match multi-year license and maintenance costs to available budgets.
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Cisco Easy Pay

Deal Size: EMEA: $1K - $5M

You can help your customers overcome any budget challenges with flexible payment solutions.

  • Spread payments over 3 to 5 years—whatever works best for their business
  • Better manage cash flow and save capital for other priorities
  • Access below market rates
  • Take full ownership of the equipment at the end of the term needs it
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Cisco Lifecycle pay

Deal value: minimum $2.500

With no upfront costs, below market rates, and the ability to spread payments overtime, partners can access the entire Cisco portfolio.

  • Easily incorporate hardware into technology lifecycle
  • Spread payments over 3 to 5 years, whatever works best for your business
  • Better manage their cash flow and save capital for other priorities
  • Keep technology current with flexible refresh options
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Cisco Green pay

Deal value: minimum $2.500

Cisco Green Pay enables you to enter the circular economy more quickly and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

  • Enables you to transition to more sustainable IT
  • Offers you reliable Cisco solutions and ensures you are benefiting from the latest innovation



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Cisco Multiyear Services Pay

No minimum deal value.

Help your customers lock in costs for their service agreements, over multiple years, with a fixed predictable payment schedule. Your customers can get multi-year service solutions, including renewals, with a payment plan that works within their budget.

  • Lock in costs for multi-year service agreements delivered over time without having to pre-pay
  • Get a flexible, predictable payment schedule that spreads the services cost in alignment with the duration of the services agreement
  • Multi-Year service agreements may be a more profitable and predictable revenue stream; Cisco Multi-Year Services Pay makes it an affordable reality for your customers
  • With an attractive payment plan, you can ensure your customers are getting the service support they need, while minimizing the time you spend in annual contract negotiations
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