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Why choose Comstor Software and Services?

Comstor’s range of technical and business services provides the platform for recurring, predictable revenue streams, with great margins and easy payment plans.

From financial and professional services to education and supply chain, Comstor support and resources help partners grow and thrive, adding real value to end‑customers.
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Comstor creates the platform for recurring revenue streams, predictable cash-flow, lower cost of sales and customer loyalty. Helping partners achieve the best possible rebates while ensuring high levels of end-customer satisfaction.

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Why Cisco Software and Services?

The shift to subscription models is underway, so secure this ongoing profitable revenue opportunity. Watch this video to hear Cisco experts explain how and why.

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Optimise your profitability with Comstor


Add value with Cisco Capital

Include a multi-year agreement to your solutions to secure stronger customer relationships and provide better discounts and profits.

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Cisco high-value services

Access Cisco's premium services through Comstor, including technical adoption, onboarding capabilities, workflow integration and support for third-party eco‑systems.

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Unique cloud-billing platform

We offer flexible, cloud-based subscription models, with payment and auto-renew options, and with fixed local currency pricing rates for annuities up to three years.

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Comstor recurring offers

One of our main focuses is on bringing you recurring revenue streams for predictable cash-flow, lower cost of sales and increased customer loyalty.

We are experts in Cisco’s recurring offers, and our goal is to help you get the best Cisco rebates while ensuring the protection of your customer’s investment.

Key benefits

  • Dedicated recurring offers team
  • Unrivalled annuity billing capability
  • Expertise to help you move onto the latest digitised offer models
  • Robust renewal processes to help you secure the renewal sale

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At Comstor, we apply Cisco Collaboration solutions to improve business processes, speed decision-making and boost productivity.

Data centre

Data centre

Rated #1 Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader, Cisco’s best-in-class products and services help connect and secure end-customer’s networks. 



Comstor’s dedicated programme helps grow Cisco Networking business with support across sales, technology, services and demand generation.



Cisco’s cross-network security detects and responds to threats within hours, protecting network users wherever they work.



As a world-leading Cisco distributor, we apply our expertise and experience at every stage of the sales process, to help you stay ahead of the competition.