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Payment options

Helping you manage cashflow concerns

We will help you with the most competitive and flexible payment options to offer your customers using Cisco solutions.

Cisco Capital offers


0% financing for small business

Available for small-business customers
Limited time offer until 22 April 2021

  • 0% financing
  • Term: three-year full payout lease
  • For deal sizes between $20k and $300k 
  • Total solution cost ÷ 36 = monthly payment
  • For all Cisco products including software and services

Meraki Direct

The latest Cisco Meraki solutions from 0%.
Limited time offer until 31 July 2021

  • 0% based on three-year term
  • For deals over $50k
  • Financial products
    • FMV lease – return, refresh or purchase
    • Full payout lease
    • Loan
  • One- to five-year terms available with variable interest rates
  • For all Cisco Meraki hardware and software

Financing products provided by third-party local finance partner. Terms and conditions apply. More information available on Cisco's website.