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Payment options

Helping you manage cashflow concerns

We will help you with the most competitive and flexible payment options to offer your customers using Cisco solutions.

Cisco Capital offers


easylease financing

Deals starting from $50k

  • Investment spread over 36 months at interest as low as 0%
  • Flexible payment option
  • Can include Cisco hardware, software, non-Cisco kit and services (please contact us for details)
  • Incentives for partners who register and rebates for approved deals

0% financing for small business

Available for small-business customers
Limited time offer until 24 October 2020

  • 0% financing
  • Term: three-year full payout lease
  • For deal sizes between $20k and $300k 
  • Total solution cost ÷ 36 = monthly payment
  • For all Cisco products including software and services

Meraki Direct

The latest Cisco Meraki solutions from 0%.
Limited time offer until 24 October 2020

  • 0% based on three-year term
  • For deals over $50k
  • Financial products
    • FMV lease – return, refresh or purchase
    • Full payout lease
    • Loan
  • One- to five-year terms available with variable interest rates
  • For all Cisco Meraki hardware and software

Financing products provided by third-party local finance partner. Terms and conditions apply. More information available on Cisco's website.