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ISV Cloud MarketPlace

Engage. Build. Provision. Innovate. Sell. 

Managing and integrating a cloud landscape requires multiple tools, technologies, skills, resources, and even APIs. Your team at Westcon-Comstor has simplified access to cloud technologies and vendors and the process of engagement for our partners. All the while ensuring you remain relevant, front and centre, and a valuable part of your client's cloud decisions.

To support this, we create a link between our partners and the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) operating in the cloud. 

How Cloud Market Place works

We partner with all major cloud players, including Azure, AWS and eventually Google Cloud (GCP). This means we will assist you in onboarding with each cloud vendor, ensuring you have the certifications in place to support each one, and linking you with the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are selling, transacting, and supporting each of these cloud players with their bespoke offerings. 

Choosing a Marketplace

Consider aligning yourself to the cloud marketplaces of all hyperscalers to deliver an all-encompassing end-to-end multi-cloud and hybrid cloud service. Unless your business has opted to partner with a single vendor, which means their cloud marketplace is your journey and destination. 


Westcon-Comstor and ISVs

At Westcon-Comstor, we become your central entry point to each cloud marketplace, with specially tailored cloud marketplace partner programmes that take away the pain of onboarding onto multiple marketplaces.

Through our global footprint and global vendor relationships, we create partnerships with each cloud provider and hyperscaler. We also have partnerships with most major ISVs.




Choose your cloud Play and Westcon-Comstor program:


Westcon – Comstor | CloudPlace

We will package tailor-made services that are customised around your bespoke solutions, technologies and Westcon Cloud Connect.

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Westcon – Comstor | CPPO

Certified and bespoke training courses via the Westcon-Comstor accredited Microsoft Learning Centre so that you can provide superior accredited services. 

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