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Strip out the complexity of Azure Marketplace and get to the sale much quicker when you join the Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace programme. Take ownership of your Azure Marketplace destiny. Pass the admin to us when you join our Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace programme.

Quick, seamless onboarding onto the Azure Marketplace without unnecessary admin hoops to jump through.

Simplify your Azure Marketplace experience. Join the Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace Programme.

With over 15,000 apps ready to be bought or sold on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, it is tough knowing where even to start.

This is why we are introducing Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace, a programme designed for partners to help you fast-track your place in the Azure Marketplace, whether you are buying on it on behalf of your customers or selling off of it as an ISV.

As a member of the Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace programme, you can stake your claim in the cloud's commercial marketplace while using us as your point of entry.

Our promise? A dramatically simplified onboarding process that lets you transact from day 1.


What do you benefit from as a CloudPlace partner?

A single platform to deploy synergistic and interoperable solutions

 One contact (with us) and no need to have multiple vendor agreements in place

  • Exclusive offers and bulk discounts
  • New revenue streams and alternative routes to market
  • Ability to build your own ISV solution
  • Profitable co-sell solutions
  • Reduce your procurement, operational, and billing overheads
  • Simple billing through a single invoice

Ready solutions:


NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO)

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables companies to optimise their cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance. From innovative business applications, DevOps solutions, disaster recovery, and file and block storage, NetApp has become the foundation on which to build the digital business of today.

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Office 365 backup powered by Metallic

An Enterprise grade cloud backup solution for Office365 with unlimited Azure Cloud storage with zero egress costs. The available solution in Azure Marketplace is Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery eDiscovery Edition, from Commvault, which adds powerful compliance capabilities to your data backup & recovery solution – all in one SaaS solution.

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Check Point In Azure

Experience the ultimate cloud-native security solutions for Microsoft Azure, adding comprehensive and automated cloud network security, high fidelity cloud security posture management, and advanced security intelligence and threat hunting in Azure.

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