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Responsible Business is the only business

Our People

Being a place people want to join and love to stay

We’ve created an inclusive culture where our people can feel and do their best. We welcome employees of every background, race, creed, and orientation, and we give them equitable access to skills and development training to help them reach their full potential.

We also invest in the health and wellbeing of our employees, making it fun and easy to be healthy and happy through flexible working environments, expert resources, and supportive guidance.

Our people are empowered to do the right thing by our partners and their customers, not just to deliver an effective solution today, but to create sustainable success and long-term partnerships for the future.


Our focus

Developing our people to achieve their best

We create opportunities for our people to achieve their potential through skills development and mentorship programmes.

Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion

Diversity of thought, experience and background is where innovation stems. We make sure our people have an equal voice to contribute fully to the company’s success.

Promoting our people’s health and wellbeing

Prioritising our people’s overall wellness helps us enhance our employee experiences while creating a fulfilled, productive workforce.

How we do it

We build diversity, equity, and inclusion into our recruitment processes to ensure equal and fair opportunities

In 2021 alone, we invested almost $1 million in training and leadership development programmes

Our Employee Resource Groups and ONE Westcon programme bring people together to contribute and share their thoughts

Employees can take advantage of flexible working arrangements to suit their needs

We offer comprehensive wellbeing programmes, including a health and wellbeing app and mental health support

Our people undertake regular training in unconscious bias, diversity, equity and inclusion

We provide formal and informal mentorship programmes for the development of our employees