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Customer experience

Deliver a successful customer experience with
Cisco CX Success Tracks and Comstor

When investing in new technology, your customers want to get it generating revenue fast. However, increased complexity, slow adoption and potential skills’ gaps require spending more time, budget and resources before any growth is achieved.

With Comstor and Cisco Success Tracks, benefit from expertise and insights every step of the way, to help reduce time to value from your customers' Cisco technology investments.

Key features of Cisco CX

An end-to-end suite of service solutions

A use-case-guided lifecycle journey

Specialists and customised content

A single digital interface

CX Pathfinder

Use this simple tool to help your customers find out how to accelerate and maximise the value of their technology investment.

All they need to do is answer some simple questions, and the CX Pathfinder steers them towards personalised recommendations and next steps.

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Success Tracks

This new service from Cisco CX enables your customers to get the right expertise, insights and learning at the right stage in their lifecycle journey. 

Each success track includes

  • lifecycle tracking
  • expert resources
  • trusted support
  • insights and analytics
  • contextual learning

Success track offers two levels of support, depending on budget, goals and needs.

Watch the video to find out more.