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Responsible Business: Supporting social communities through Community Service Days

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At Westcon-Comstor, we run activities around the world to uplift our broader social communities. In APAC, this includes a Community Service Leave benefit, which empowers and encourages our teams to give back.

As a Responsible Business, we care deeply about uplifting our social communities. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it just makes business sense – after all, our company can only thrive if the communities around it do too.

We promote social wellbeing through different forms of philanthropy around the world. In APAC, this includes our much-loved Community Service Leave benefit, which gives employees a day every year to volunteer for a cause of their choice.

Why do Community Service Days matter?

Community Service Days benefit our communities, as well as our team members, in several ways:

  • Community impact: Through these volunteer days, we can take physical action to make a tangible difference in our communities
  • Delivering on our Responsible Business ambitions: Community Service Days are just one of the many ways we bring our Responsible Business ambitions to life, demonstrating real action and not just words
  • Employee satisfaction: We know that our employees want to work at a company that prioritises responsible practices and giving back. By offering this benefit, our employees are further assured of our commitment to doing good
  • Team building: Community Service Days drive collaboration among our teams, help to strengthen relationships, and create meaningful shared memories of life at Westcon-Comstor

See us in action

Through our Community Service Days, we can support a diverse range of causes and organisations. Here’s a sneak peek of our recent activities:

Singapore Charity Walk for ‘Building Good Lives’

In November 2023, our Singapore team organised a charity walk for Rainbow Centre’s ‘Building Good Lives’ campaign, helping the centre raise funds to continue supporting children with disabilities and their families. Over 130 people took part in the walk, which raised over SGD $28,600.

Christmas Box packing in New Zealand

In December 2023, some of our colleagues in New Zealand spent their community service hours supporting Christmas Box, an organisation that provides groceries to underprivileged families. Our people packed over 5,000 boxes to go out to families for Christmas.

Colour Run for Smiles in Vietnam

Also in December, our colleagues in Vietnam took part in Operation Smiles’ colour run. Their participation contributed to 50 life-changing surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other smile needs.

Looking ahead

This FY24, we’re working on extending our Community Service Leave benefits to other locations in the business.

Find out more about how we uplift our social communities.