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How employee engagement powers Partner Success

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Howard Hines

Training Director

Most organisations today understand the value of diversity and inclusion, especially if you’re a global business like Westcon-Comstor. We have an incredibly diverse workforce of many backgrounds, races and cultures. But even the most inclusive organisation can have people and communities who don’t get the opportunity to come together, share their experiences and be consulted on their views.


Creating a space for sharing

That’s why we introduced our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as part of our ONE Westcon diversity and inclusion initiative – to provide a forum and safe space for employees with shared values, characteristics and life experiences to come together.

Here they can share their experiences and air their views about their work or home life and have real, honest conversations about the things that matter to them. We can then use this to improve the services and support we offer to our people and partners.

The ERGs are also an environment for peer support. When several people experience the same issues, whether that’s in the workplace or outside, the ERGs provide a space for a sympathetic ear. There is strength in numbers, especially when getting across the views of minority backgrounds, and the ERGs provide the space for people to come together as one.

Diversity enhances engagement

This inclusivity improves the health of the business, especially when forming part of a wider engagement initiative like One Westcon. Because at Westcon-Comstor, we know that engaged employees perform to their best, and the ERGs help create a culture of greater engagement.

This is why diversity and inclusion are such powerful drivers of Partner Success. Diversity helps us represent and understand our channel partners better so we can better help them achieve their goals. Diverse teams solve problems faster and innovate more, engaged employees are more productive. And a team with diverse experiences, skills, and ideas is more creative.

For Partner Success, this can be invaluable to our channel partners when we’re coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems.


It’s in our DNA

I look after the employee and learning development initiatives for EMEA so the ERGs are really important to me. In today’s fast-changing, connected world, every organisation must do all they can to provide a truly inclusive work environment if they want to grow and thrive.

Everyone – whatever their background – should feel included and heard. Everyone should have equal opportunities to succeed, and the ERGs are one of the ways we promote diversity and power Partner Success at Westcon-Comstor. Because diversity is in our DNA.


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