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Payment options

Helping you manage cashflow concerns

We will help you with the most competitive and flexible payment options to offer your customers using Cisco solutions.

Flexible payment options for all your customer needs

Your success is our priority. Cisco Capital’s flexible and innovative payment solutions make it easier for you to close more deals, grow your business and deliver Cisco solutions faster.

These adaptable and attractive payment options offer you and your customers new ways to consume and deliver digital transformation and acquire new technologies faster.

Take advantage of the options available to you today. Let Comstor show you how.

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Cisco Capital payment options portfolio


easylease 0% financing

$1,000 to $350,000
0% interest rates

  • Investment spread over 36 months at 0% interest
  • Easy to calculate – simply divide the total solution cost by 36
  • Can include up to 30% of non-competitive Cisco kit

Commercial payment options

Deals over $350,000
Competitive interest rate

  • Offer financial flexibility at an exceptionally low interest rate
  • Flexible lifecycle options – Refresh, Retain or Return
  • Lifecycle approach provides a trigger point to revisit the customer before end of financing term

Assignment of receivables

Deals over $250,000

  • Help partners lower their risk and close more deals
  • Extended fixed payment solution for the customer, where partners are paid upfront via assignment of all payments to capital
  • Partners can offer the financing under their name

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